I just wanna be…. *sigh*….. swole….

Spoiled mahself with a new bra today.. it was only 8$ and I had a gift card so guilt-free purchase! Plus my favorite bra is going to hell so I actually needed one

Feeling proud and accomplished. Got about as far as I could with my story after several revisions and turned it in ahead of time. Killed my legs lifting with imkellioness and then did 33 minutes on elliptical.

Now going to clean up my apartment a little and maybe even get to bed on time !?!?!?

Much love to you all. Hope your ends to your semesters aren’t killing you off.


my boobs look so good right now i wish you could all see them

"My darling, you are allowed to fail without being a failure. You are allowed to make mistakes without becoming one. More opportunities will present themselves, you will find hope again."

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I hate you to the moon and back.

"Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere."

Isabelle Eberhardt  (via thatkindofwoman)

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"Healthy eating and exercise improve your ENTIRE QUALITY OF LIFE; it’s not just about the number on the scale."


true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird